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Simpex three point light setup kit

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Photosquare has come again with its brand new three point key light setup kit.

This time we are offering a bundle deal for those who are interested in studio photography and want to try their hand in very popular and easy to setup three point key light setup.

If you are not familiar with the three point lighting setup please read here:- Learn how to to do three point lighting 

We have added every thing except camera and model for you here. If you buy all these items separately it will cost you around 22500/-, But as we are offering you bundle deal we are giving you best possible rate.

Looking at the image you can under stand what we are offering, But let us explain more to you

  1. 3X Simpex 300D variable power studio light 125W each
  2. 1X flash trigger+receiver to fire the light
  3. 3 X light stand
  4. 1X background setup kit
  5. one honeycomb grid kit
  6. 2X 24″X24″ softbox
  7. 1X 21″ reflective dome
  8. 1X Backdrop cloth black color (or your choice)

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Simpex three point light setup kit
Simpex three point light setup kit


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