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Porta Light Kit Digiphoto

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Photosquare is famous for studio light kits set up. Now we have come up with this complete porta light kit for video, Who need big and bright light setup for their shooting purpose, or those who are looking to use warm light in their youtube video setup.

Our very famous youtube video light kit performing very well to those who want to try their hand at youtube video making. But some of our customers wanted very bright and warm light. This high power light for video has two 1000W bulbs it produces very bright light.

Why should you use porta light kit instead of a common household bulb?

  • With normal bulb, you cannot use the umbrella. but with this porta light use can use an umbrella.
  • There is no option to fit light bulb on a light stand, but porta light can directly fit on the light stand.
  • light direction, with porta light you have two barn door which helps you direct the light as per your requirement and you subject lighting need, but as a bare light bulb you cannot direct the light and it will be uncontrolled.
  • Mobility-if you are into professional video making, you should be using the professional looking equipment only. as a light bulb is more on DIY sie.
  • color -the color tmp of a light bulb is much lower compared to a halogen light. both produce the warm light tone but porta light kit produce much wither light compare to the light bulb.

what is included in the kit

This kit comes with 2X porta light kit each light contains 1000W halogen bulb. You have to mount this light on the light stand which is provided with this kit.

Item included:

2X Porta light

2X light stand

2X umbrella

1X light carry bag

2X power cord

Specification: Porta Light Kit Digiphoto

Weight 10 kg

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Porta Light Kit Digiphoto
Porta Light Kit Digiphoto


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